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Odor Free, Waterproof, Pocket Sized Stash Containers.

If You Are looking For That Perfect, Discreet Weed Container, When you are on the Go, Hiking, Biking, Skiing or Kayaking, or Whatever You Do!

Pokit Rokitz was built to take it. 100%

Waterproof and Odor Free. Easy Pop Cap,

5 Cool Colors and 3 Handy Sizes.

The Perfect ​Pocket Sized Weed Container,

Easily Fits in a Pocket Or Purse.

​Pocket Sized Marijuana Containers.

Perfect Size for Your pocket or Purse.

Tough & Durable for Him,

Sexy and Discreet for Her.

The Ultimate Pocket Sized Stash Container

No One Will Know You Have It,

and When They Do,

They Will Want One Of Their Own!

Doob Tubes, Pill Bottles & Plastic Containers No More
The Best Weed Stash, Pocket Sized Rocket

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​  Pokit Rokitz

  The Ultimate Pocket Sized Stash Container.

5 Awesome Colors

Pokit Rokitz are built tough,

Beautiful, Premium quality 6063 aluminum with an anodized machined finish. Quality that will last A Lifetime, Just like your Grandfathers Zippo!

And Great looks too!

Sleek and Sexy, With 5 Awesome Colors, No More Goofy Pill Bottles, Plastic Tubes or Candy Containers!

Show Off Your Style and Sophistication with Pokit Rokitz!

Ask for them at you local Smoke Shop!

3 Great Sizes

Nothing Else Like It!

Great way to carry Your

 Joints or Vape Stash,

Keeps Your Stuff Ultra Discreet.


Pocket Sized, Easy to Grab and Go, So You'r e

Always Good to Go!
When You're On the Go!!

Waterproof and Odor Free

Medium & Large Float!

Odorless, Smell Proof, Odor Free Weed Container.

The Pokit Rokitz Logo is a Registered Trade Mark, and Your Guarantee of Premium Quality and Workmanship. Your New Pokit Rokitz is Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime!

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Your Environmentally Friendly Option,

    We all Know What Happens to Plastic left out in the Environment,  Forget Your Pokit Rokitz on a Beach One Day... No Need to Worry That it Will Break Down and be Harmful to the Wildlife... You Will Just Make Someones Day When They Find Your loaded Pokit Rokitz, Still Good to Go!  Machined Aluminum Provides Complete UV protection so your stash will always stay fresh.