Pokit Rokitz are intended for dry contents only, and is not intended to hold pressure.

Pokit Rokitz

The Pokit Rokitz Logo,  is a Registered Trade Mark and Your Guarantee of the Highest Quality     Materials and workmanship. Should your Pokit Rokit crack or break (excluding o-rings), as Long as you own it, we will replace it! Just send us an email, that simple.

​​If, For Any Reason, You are Unhappy With Your New Pokit Rokitz, Please Let Us Know. We Will                                  Work Quickly To Resolve Any Concerns You Might Have.
                                                 You will Love your New Pokit Rokitz!

Care for your O-Rings!

 From Time to Time, the O-Rings will start to get a little tight. Just add a touch of "Silicone Lube" Directly to the O-Rings, Wipe away any excess, and your Good To Go! If for any reason your O-Rings need replacing, These are standard Sizes, available at Many Hardware Stores or Automotive parts Stores.

Replacement O-Ring Sizes:

Small:         AS568-013

Medium:    AS568-015

Large:         AS568-017

Pokit Rokitz are Assembled by Hand, Packaged and Shipped with Care.