Early 1950`s Atlas Lathe. Completely Overhauled.

The 1st Ever, One of the 40 and The First Òut For a Burn`Size.

The Very First  One. Single O-Ring and No Knurling on the Cap.

​​Pokit Rokitz

Odor Free, Waterproof, Pocket Sized Containers​..

   Way back in 1999, I machined the very first one! Gave it to a "friend in need" (Who Smelled Like WEED!), and all these years later, the thing still works great, and he uses it every day! And I did it on that old, 1950's Atlas Lathe. But what a hit, too bad it could only hold 1 or 2 Joints! The next ones would be just a little bigger; I also added the second O-Ring for a Better Seal and knurled the cap to make it easy to open.

  In 2002, I Built 40 of them, Big enough to hold 3 Doobies. I had them Anodized Red, Blue, Green and Purple, and gave them to friends. Should have made 100 of them! Tough and Durable, Sexy and Discreet, Everybody that saw them, wanted one… or two! I only have the 1 Green one left (pictured above)... and it has held up very well. From dirt bike riding, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing or Just Tubing down the river, you name it. And with Keys, lighter, change and who knows what else, all jammed in my jeans pocket. Not an easy life, but still looks great! After that, I went a little bit bigger. That Brings Us The "Out For a Burn," Size, it Hold 4 Aprox. Joints (3/4"OD). Sleek for the pocket, but some of my friends still say it only fits 1 of their Joints! Still need bigger! So I added Medium (7/8"OD) and Large (1"OD), The "Party Pak" and "The Weekend-er"!  So if you are looking to take a few doobies, or a little vape Stash out for some fun, or just Storing Pot in your Pocket. We've got the perfect Fix!

   For the next 12 years, I made them one at a time. As I needed for friends. Until finally deciding, Just Bite the Bullet, and Go "CNC"! A Lathe that can mass produce these Beauties to Perfection! And here We are today, 3 Different Sizes, and 5 Awesome Colors. And we build them right here on Beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. We Use Aircraft Quality Aluminum, and Premium, Nitrile-70 O-Rings. If you're looking for the Ultimate, Odor Free, Waterproof, Pocket Sized Containers....

Tough and Durable, Sexy and Discreet,Pokit Rokitz is what you Need!

"Everywhere You Go, You Confidently know, Pokit Rokitz is Always Good To Go!"